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12 Premises for Creating Our Own Reality

  1. Desire + Belief = Reality
  2. I AM the physical extension of pure, positive, God-force, Source, Love-Energy.
  3. I create my reality according to my own Self-centered preferences.
  4. My Emotional Guidance System is the key to Understanding.
  5. I recognize the power of influence and its ability to create in
    my reality.
  6. I cannot create in anyone else’s reality
  7. I thrive when I focus on the best parts of my life.
  8. Profit is synonymous with Creative Ideas.
  9. I live in an abundant universe that delights in expressing its limitless supply through me.
  10. I give from the vibration of abundance, contributing only to those ideas I want to see expand in the world.
  11. Healthy relationships encourage freedom and growth.
  12. Every new idea gives birth to another idea on how to make it
    even better…. It never ends.